Vibrant Boho Look for Spring

When I think about spring, I think pastels and florals… which I absolutely LOVE. But I also loved breaking the mold with this vibrant boho look featuring bold primary colors. Believe it or not, this look is mostly resale and handmade! Only the tights were bought new at a retail store.


The dress is really the star of the show here! I was immediately attracted to the bright color, interesting neckline, and charming embroidery on the bodice of the dress. It’s feminine, flowy, and comfortable. The only thing that could make it better is pockets. But you can’t win ‘em all, am I right?!

I paired the dress with a cobalt blue cardi that was already in my closet from a previous thrift store haul. Cobalt is one of those magical colors that I think looks good on just about anyone. The boldness of cobalt blue really holds up well against the red dress. A mustard yellow cardigan would have done the trick as well.


Since the weather is still chilly here in Portland, I opted for some navy tights to keep my gams warm and my favorite pair of lace-up booties. But I couldn’t resist pulling out the macrame handbag I snagged at Most Everything Vintage over the winter. It is technically spring after all! To finish off the look, I chose accessories with natural elements… some beaded drop earrings (handmade by yours truly) and a red seed bracelet.


One thing I love about this look is how well it will transition between seasons. As summer approaches, I’ll trade in my tights and booties for some wedges and shed the cardigan. When cooler weather returns in the fall, I think this look would be adorable with a chunkier sweater (In mustard perhaps? 😉) and equestrian boots.

The Breakdown
Red Boho Dress – Gap, thrifted for $14
Cobalt Cardigan – Gap, thrifted for $7
Beaded Drop Earrings – Handmade by me, approximate cost $4
Red Seed Bracelet – Handmade, purchased at a gift shop on the Oregon Coast $5
Macrame Handbag – Most Everything Vintage $22
Navy Tights – Target $8
Lace-up Booties – Seychelles, thrifted for $10

Total Cost $70

It’s hard to believe this look only cost $70, especially for all the unique and charming elements, but it’s true! With some patience, ingenuity, and a good eye it’s easy to assemble high-impact, low-cost looks like this. Look out for some of my favorite shopping tips to help you do just that on an upcoming post!



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