Bright, Cheerful Striped Look for Portland Street Art

My girl S.J. over at All Glam No Filter finally got me out to check out some of Portland’s street art and I’m so glad she did. We visited this funky goat mural located in North Portland behind an Arby’s, of all places. Which made for a photoshoot filled with all the roast beef jokes I could think of. 😂


The striped sweater is from Brooklyn Industries and it’s one of my go-to’s for everyday casual wear. Stripes are always a classic choice, but I love the unexpected orange/mint color combo going on with this one. Plus the light-weight knit and 3/4 length sleeves make it perfect for spring!

I usually pair the sweater with jeans and a khaki green twill jacket, but since I knew we were going to this rad mural I wanted to up the ante with other colorful accoutrements! I chose this knee-length teal denim skirt and baby blue Converse high-tops to stay in the same color family.


Psst! I’ll let you in on a secret. I have a thing for socks. Especially novelty socks. I love to buy them for myself, give them as gifts, wear them on my hands as puppets… 🤷 Under my sneaks I’m wearing the most adorable pair of birthday cake socks from Sock It To Me. They seriously make me so happy!


Bringing it all the way home with the happy vibes, I brought my ukulele and an adorable tiny toy Vespa along to accessorize for this fun photo op!
The Breakdown
Striped Sweater – Brooklyn Industries, thrifted for $8
Teal Denim Skirt – Nine West, consignment for $12
Baby Blue High-tops – Converse, DSW on sale for $18
Sunglasses – Thrifted for $8
Party On Socks – Sock It To Me $11

Total Cost $57

For under $60, this look packs a serious(ly fun) punch and has pieces that are versatile enough to add a splash of color to many more outfits. Hope this cheerful, casual look has brightened up your day!


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